7th ICWA–PISM Strategic Dialogue
28 PAź 2020


7thth ICWA–PISM Strategic Dialogue

Towards a Stronger Poland-India Partnership in Times of Global Change


27 October (Tuesday) 2020
9:00-12:30 CEST (Poland)
13:30-17:00 IST (India)



09:00-09:20        Opening Remarks
(13:30-13:50 IST)

        • Sławomir Dębski, Director, The Polish Institute of International Affairs
        • T C A Raghavan, Director General, Indian Council of World Affairs
        • Adam Burakowski, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland to India
        • Tsewang Namgyal, Ambassador of the Republic of India to Poland

09:20-10:20          Session 1: China-U.S. Rivalry and Emerging New World Disorder?
(13:50-14:50 IST)

                               Topics for discussion:

                                  - Impact of U.S.-China rivalry on India’s foreign and security policies
                                  - Impact of U.S.-China rivalry on Polish, NATO, and EU policies
                                  - S. foreign policy after the presidential election?
China’s new assertiveness – the end naivety in Europe and India?

        • Stuti Banerjee, Research Fellow, ICWA
        • Justyna Szczudlik, Deputy Head of Research, PISM
          Chair: Łukasz Kulesa, Deputy Head of Research, PISM

10:20-11:20            Session 2: The EU and South Asia During COVID-19 - Strategic
(14:50-15:50 IST)  Convergence at Last?

    Topics for discussion:

    - Consequences and responses to the pandemic in the EU and India
The EU and its neighbourhood: post-Brexit Europe; the democratic revolution in Belarus, a new
Middle East?
Role of India in South Asia and Indo-Pacific: prospects for peace in Afghanistan; the China factor in South Asia; India’s views on  Indo-Pacific
    - Potential of the EU-India strategic partnership and its challenges

        • Jolanta Szymańska, Head of the European Union Programme, PISM
        • Vivek Mishra, Research Fellow, ICWA
          Chair: Nivedita Ray, Director of Research, ICWA

11:20-11:30                Coffee Break
(15:50-16:00 IST)

11:30-12.30            Session 3: Prospects for Poland-India Cooperation: Time to Go 
(16:00-17:00 IST) Strategic?

    Topics for discussion:

    - What is the added value of a Poland-India Strategic Partnership?
Poland-India economic cooperation in the post-pandemic recovery
Role of the Visegrad Group (V4) in the EU and Central Europe’s relations with

        • Ankita Dutta, Research Fellow, ICWA
        • Patryk Kugiel, Senior Analyst, PISM
          Chair: Damian Wnukowski, Senior Analyst, PISM