Turcja w procesie przemian - wnioski dla strategii UE
29 SEP 2017 Report
Since 2013 Turkish politicians have been intensively speaking about the „New Turkey”. According to them changes, that the Justice and Development Party has started to introduce after coming to power in 2002, will eventually result in the state’s radical transformation. In 2023, in its centennial year, the Republic of Turkey should be a strong, stable and “self-confident” state, which will be able to shape the situation in the region and will be one of the centers of the new global order. Introducing presidential system with a 16 April referendum is another step, and at the same time a new impulse, in that direction.

Those changes along with the uneasy conditions under which they were implemented mean that Turkey has long been attracting the attention of global media, while analysts and researchers wonder what this new Republic of Turkey will be like. Will it still be a secular state oriented towards integration with Western structures, or do the domestic reforms augur a radical shift in the country’s foreign policy? And what should the EU’s strategy towards the changing Turkey be?

The report describes the most important changes in Turkey’s domestic and foreign policy that are bound to exert a key impact on the state in the coming years. It also offers recommendations for Poland and for the European Union with respect to the future shape of European-Turkish relations.