How China and Russia Could Join Forces Against The European Union
In recent years, China-Russian relations have been constantly deepening, and they have independently pursued a number of policies detrimental to the EU’s interests, security, and welfare. What is the likelihood and the potential risks of them joining forces?

The aim of the PISM report is to examine whether and how Russia-China cooperation can directly affect and threaten the European Union. Can these two countries jointly prepare and then execute an anti-EU strategy? How grave a challenge could this be for the EU and what would be the policy implications? Can the EU chart a policy course between open confrontation and unreserved cooperation with Russia and China?

The analysis starts with the identification of the EU’s global agenda, the main goals pursued by Russia and China towards the EU, and, in turn, the EU’s policies towards them. It proceeds with scrutiny of the state of and future prospects of the Russian-Chinese relationship to determine the likelihood that a convergence of interests could make them joint forces against the European Union. A set of measures that China and Russia might use against the EU is identified. 

Finally, the report looks into the Russian and Chinese efforts to undermine the EU and analyses whether and in what circumstances more active Russian-Chinese cooperation against the European Union may be possible.