Eurozone Enlargement in Times of Crisis: Challenges for the V4 Countries
16 MAY 2014 Books

Agata Gostyńska, Paweł Tokarski, Patryk Toporowski, Damian Wnukowski (eds.)

Warsaw 2014

pages: 115

ISBN 978-83-62453-69-6 (pb)
ISBN 978-83-62453-80-1 (epub)
ISBN 978-83-62453-81-8 (mobi)
ISBN 978-83-62453-82-5 (pdf)

The publication Eurozone Enlargement in Times of Crisis: Challenges for the V4 Countries prepared by the Polish Institute of International Affairs is the result of work conducted in the framework of Rastanews project “Macro risk assessment and stabilisation policies with new early warning signals.” The book consists of 11 articles drafted by experts representing think-tanks, the academia and banking environment. Examining eurozone enlargement from the economic, political and legal perspectives, the publication aims at enhancing the debate on euro adoption by countries of the CEE region through analysing both the Slovak experience and the factors behind Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary’s position in this respect. The publication edited by PISM experts Agata Gostyńska, Paweł Tokarski, Patryk Toporowski oraz Damian Wnukowski can be downloaded here free of charge.



Part I: Eurozone Crisis: Selected Issues

Ognian Hishow 
Overcoming the Intra-European Imbalance: How Much Would Germany Have to Adjust?

Anna Visvizi
Greece: Eurozone’s Weak Link

Zoltán Gál
Role of Financial Sector Fdi in Regional Imbalances in Central and Eastern Europe

Part II: Eurozone Enlargement: Economic and Political Challenges for V4 Countries

Ettore Dorrucci
Enlarging the Euro Area: Four Lessons for CEE Countries

Patryk Toporowski
The Impact of Monetary Integration on Trade within the Euro Area: The Evidence, Revisited

Julius Horvath
Political Economy of Accession to the Euro: The Case of Hungary

Martin Šuster
Slovak Experience with the Euro

David Král
Czech Republic and the Eurozone: Between EU Treaty Obligations and Political Preferences

Part III: Poland and the Eurozone—Delayed Membership

Paweł Tokarski
Poland’s Place in the Eurozone Runaway Train: An Assessment from an Economic Perspective

Agata Gostyńska
Poland’s Eurozone Perspective: Legal Implications of the Derogation

Damian Wnukowski
Politics as a Major Factor Determining Poland’s Eurozone Accession


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