Now Is Not the Time to Go Soft on Russia/Politico
31 AUG 2020
We read with considerable interest the recent open letter published in Politico Magazine by 103 signatories who called for a “rethinking” of U.S. policy toward Russia.
Jakub Janda James Sherr Sławomir Dębski

'All of the letter’s signatories are people of distinction; many of them are personal friends. But we believe that this debate will be deficient if it does not incorporate the perspective of U.S. allies in Central and East-Central Europe. We read the rebuke to the letter that POLITICO published, authored by David J. Kramer and signed by 32 others. While we share many of their concerns, we also feel compelled to present our own perspective.'

Just have a read this tremendous opinion including authors' reccomendations point-by-point.