"International security" programme

‘The International security’ programme analyses the main pillars of Polish security policy: the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the European Union’s Common Security and Defence Policy, selected multilateral and regional defence cooperation formats, as well as bilateral relations of Poland with its strategic partners. The programme follows also the evolution of politico-military and asymmetric threats to Poland, the functioning of international arms control, disarmament, non-proliferation and military transparency regimes, and the evolution of defence policies of the world’s militarily strongest states. A special focus is put on transatlantic relations, including US internal policy, and on the non-European alliances of the United States.

Marcin Terlikowski - coordinator

Andrzej Dąbrowski

Artur Kacprzyk

Wojciech Lorenz

Paweł Markiewicz

Marcin Andrzej Piotrowski

Mateusz Piotrowski