"Global issues" programme

"Global issues" programme covers a range of cross-cutting and multidisciplinary issues which may be divided into four groups. The first one is international economic relations, particularly international trade, foreign investment and the work of multilateral institutions and organisations that are key to economic governance (including WTO, IMF, G7 and G20). The second group covers the activities of states and the EU in the field of climate protection, energy transformation and energy security as well as the innovativeness and competitiveness of the economy. The third group focuses on international and EU law issues and the work of selected international political organisations (e.g. the UN and the Council of Europe). The fourth group deals with the asylum and migration policy issues, as well as the consequences of international migration for Poland and the EU.

Szymon Zaręba - koordynator

Bartosz Bieliszczuk

Marek Wąsiński

Damian Wnukowski