"Asia-Pacific" programme

"Asia-Pacific" programme focuses on political, economic, social and security situation in two regions: Asia-Pacific and Latin America. We are trying to define trends there and anticipate possible changes. We conduct research on South Asia - especially on India, on East Asia - exploring China's domestic situation and the PRC’s foreign policy, situation in the Taiwan Strait and the Korean Peninsula, and the whole Latin America with a special attention to the largest economies in the region – Brazil and Mexico. We are also committed to an in-depth research on regional and inter-regional multilateral cooperation and integration formats such as ASEAN, ASEM, 17+1 (Central Europe-China), Mercosur and the Pacific Alliance. The group's portfolio also includes the relations of the EU and Poland with Asian and Latin American partners, as well as the US, China and Russia’s role in both regions, and international development cooperation.

Justyna Szczudlik - coordinator

Patryk Kugiel

Oskar Pietrewicz

Marcin Przychodniak

Bartłomiej Znojek