2019-11-12 - Comment

Szymon Zaręba

The ICJ Judgment on Preliminary Objections in Ukraine v. Russia

The significance of the Eastern Mediterranean for Israel has increased in the last decade, an outcome of interlocking factors associated with the civil war in Syria, the deterioration of relations with Turkey, and discoveries of new gas fields. The effectiveness of Israeli policy, especially in energy issues, depends on strengthening relations with the states of the region, such as Egypt or Cyprus. Hence, regional cooperation will deepen, which may have a positive impact on Israel-EU relations. 

2019-11-08 - Bulletin

Mateusz Piotrowski

The Trump Impeachment Inquiry and U.S.-Ukraine Relations

U.S.-Ukraine relations have become the subject of congressional investigations following a whistleblower’s complaint about the pressure President Donald Trump exerted on President Volodymyr Zelensky. The U.S. president appears to have made the provision of military assistance to Ukraine conditional on launching an investigation that would harm Joe Biden, Trump’s potential rival in the 2020 presidential election. With bilateral relations embedded in the American political dispute means that it will be difficult for Ukraine to pursue its U.S. policy. This situation, however, should not affect the essential elements of American assistance to Ukraine. 

2019-11-07 - Bulletin

Marek Wąsiński, Bartłomiej Znojek

Protecting the Amazon Rainforest: Regional and Global Perspectives

The Amazon rainforest has particular significance in preventing climate change, so initiatives to protect the area are becoming an important reference for forest conservation across the world. The international dispute over the protection of the Amazon, triggered by the extent of wildfires a few months ago, highlights the growing challenge to reconcile global climate goals with Amazon countries’ economic and social development concepts. The determination and effectiveness in protecting the rainforest by these governments will depend on close cooperation, not only financial support but also political and economic pressure from partners outside the region. 

2019-11-06 - Bulletin

Marek Wąsiński, Damian Wnukowski

Fast-track EU Trade Agreements

The European Commission (EC) is negotiating separate agreements on trade matters, which fall under the exclusive competence of the EU, and other issues such as investment protection, for which the Union and the Member States share responsibility. Separating the purely commercial component avoids the need to ratify trade deals in individual EU countries and allows them to be adopted by the European Council by a qualified majority. The aim is to increase the effectiveness of trade policy by preventing deals from being delayed excessively, or even blocked. 

2019-11-04 - Bulletin

Sara Nowacka

The Influence of Gas Resources on Egyptian Policy in the Eastern Mediterranean

The discovery of offshore gas has initiated Egypt’s ambitious policy to play a key role in regional gas trade. These aspirations are supported by the country’s LNG terminals, geographical location, and efforts by the EU to diversify its gas sources. Egypt’s energy cooperation with members of the emerged Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum (EMGF) will contribute to building regional trust. The EU may participate in a dialogue with the Forum on the use of existing infrastructure and constructing more for gas transport in the region.